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XenForo Rocks submitted a new resource:

Extra Thread Views - This add-on will adds several extra criteria/settings for your members to view threads.

Do you want to read just not a normal thread but a special one? Yes, this add-on is for you. By adding more things for your members, the user's threads will be excited more than ever. For example, you can control how many message in order for an user to view a thread, how many trophies, the age of users.....

The extra criteria/settings are added on a thread per thread basis. And only the admins can add and manage them.
After installing the add-on, a new tools link will appear on every...
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@Caldexi , Xenforo Rocks says to request for an updated script, to post on the dicussion, and for new request to put on that thread you pointed.

So not sure which to follow now.


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