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[iNTERNAL] XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForo 1.1.0

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Compatible XF Versions
Additional Requirements

An integration to bring the best blogging/content management system to XenForo and the best forum software to WordPress.

Same one design, two softwares
With a one time setup, XPress is a cost-effective, time saving tool to help make sure you're always in sync.

Sign on with either account
With single sign-on capabilities, users can sign in through either platform account. This means either XenForo or WordPress membership plugins can be used, no limitations.

Share memberships and ads, both ways
Premium content and advertisements can now be shared seamlessly between XenForo and WordPress. Set it up once and you're done.

Compatible with UI.X and UI.X Pro
Or any theme of your choosing! XPress is highly extendable and can be implemented in just a few easy steps.

Features Include:
  • Theme Synchronization
    Use your XenForo Theme(s) on WordPress
  • Widget Synchronization
    Use XenForo Widgets in WordPress and WordPress Widgets in XenForo
  • Shared Logins
    Log into WordPress with your XenForo account, including (optionally) Single Sign-On (logging into XF also logs you into WordPress automatically)
  • Unified Search
    Search through WordPress and XenForo using unified search
  • Link Previous Accounts
    Users with WordPress and XenForo accounts using the same email will automatically be linked
  • Featured Post Components
    Feature posts on your blog using WordPress tags
  • Article List Style Properties
    Easily customize the appearance of your article’s through style properties
  • Article Thread Link
    WordPress articles are posted as threads in the forum and comments/thread replies are fully synchronized
    • Includes the article excerpt on XF thread view
    • Includes a link to the thread on WP comments
    • (see thread creation chain below)
  • BB Codes for Article Comments
    WordPress comments support BB Codes and Rich Text Editor
  • XenForo avatars on WordPress
    If your XenForo and WordPress user account are linked, the XenForo avatar will be used instead of the default Gravatar
  • Leverages XenForo’s Phrase Management System For Internationalization
    Manage all languages with XenForo’s phrase system
  • Promote Thread to Article
    Generate an article based on threads posted in your community
  • Access XenForo Data in WordPress
    Including style properties, board options, and other data
  • WordPress Breadcrumb Support
    Add the WordPress breadcrumb to your XenForo site
Coming from a previous blog system?

We have an importer for the following systems, the ones crossed off are planned:

Why XPress?
XPress solves a lot of issues when bridging XenForo and WordPress. If you run content and a forum, subscriptions and benefits, community and information, opinion and organization, one to many and many to many communication channels, and more this product is the perfect way to connect two large sides of your platform.

Many platform directors struggle to keep two distributed software consistent. You have to maintain the theme and template separately which can be quite costly, to not only build but to maintain over time as well. You also need to manage two comment systems, two user accounts, two staff and usergroup levels, two subscription systems, and more. This lets you go choose your preferred tools and bridges them to the other software.

XenForo is regarded as one of the most easily customizable and powerful forum platforms on the market. And WordPress powers roughly 1 in 5 websites on the internet. Pairing them together only made sense. Please do try our demo, and see how seamless this integration truly is.

More screenshots to view on our product page here.

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