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[iNTERNAL] [XenConcept] Username Change 2.1.9

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  • Fix the approval system for XF 2.1
  • The add-on is compatible with XenForo 2.1
The add-on must be installed in version 2.1 of XenForo.

I also included Russian language with this add-on.
[Bug Fix] During the uninstallation the table is not delete.
[Bug Fix] The change of the user name does not apply.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the conflict with the following add-on : [SC] Member View - Font Awesome
  • When the user does not have permission, If username is pending approval or if he has to wait before we can change username again we hide the save button.
  • We have set up the privacy system for history username change
Error when the user does not have the required posts amount required :

Error when the user name is pending approval :

Error when the user has to wait before they can change their username again :

Account Privacy :

Error privacy :

Fixed a problem with the following permissions
  • Days between each change
  • The number of posts to be able to change username