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Donations Plugin (Paypal, PSC, bank transfer) for the WBB4 1.0.17

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Supported Versions
Burning Board 4.0 / WCF 2.0, Burning Board 4.1 / WCF 2.1
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Donation types
Currently, there are 3 types of donations:

PayPal: PayPal donation is completely automated - you only need to enter your address PaPayl in ACP and then your users can directly start to donations. All donations will be recorded automatically.
Paysafecard: About a form your users can send Paypal Card codes. You will immediately receive a notification email and can check the data stored in the ACP Code for its validity (manually ). After successful verification, the donation can be unlocked with a single click.
Bank Transfer: Your users do not use the aforementioned technologies? No problem! Enter your bank data and enter the donation manually in ACP one. Once you have registered the donation, the donor gets (if desired) a notification that his donation was registered in my conversation.

donations settings
There are numerous settings that you can modify to customize the plugin according to your wishes. You can of course select the desired donations posts himself, using different currencies (currently EUR and USD), display an info text and more.
You want to show your users how much donations this month have been received? No problem:
In the settings you have to specify the possibility month Structure. a donation bar is displayed quite automated with the percentage reached amount in the current month on the donations page.

Automatic group membership
A special feature of the plugin is that automatic displacement of a member after a successful donation to a defined user group you.
So you can donors eg in a "VIP" or "donor group" with more space for private can move messages and other things.

Automatic notification
To be kept informed about your donation? No problem! Once a donation arrives, you are notified of this immediately by email. Additionally, you can notify your donor automatically by conversation after you have received the donation. Likewise, you can the user X days (the days are in ACP definable) before the automatic removal from the group point in my conversation on it.

Donation Summary
A simple kept donations overview of all donations is integrated into this plugin. There you have an accurate overview of all your donations.
The access rights to this page can be set with the group rights, so for example, only moderators & administrators have access to it.
In ACP there is an additional donations overview with all important info Mart ions.

Add Manual donation
One of your user has no Paypal wants, but the forum still help? No problem!
After a successful bank transfer, you can manually add the user to the list: Again, the user is automatically moved to your chosen groups.
The rights to access this page are also customizable.

scope of license
- Latest version of donations plugins + Updates
- Available languages: English, German

System Requirements
- WCF 2
- Fsockopen () must be enabled on the web space / server so that the Paypal donation is recognized automatically! A guide to find out if this is the case, in found my forum.

Further information
- Plugin in action
- Support

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