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    Xenforo 2 Timeformat change?

    Bitte nicht so viele Antworten ^^ Weiß ich hinter garnicht wo ich anfangen soll. Board kannste ja schon fast dicht machen so tot ist das. Problem selbstständig gelöst kann closed werden.
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    Xenforo 2 Timeformat change?

    "Heute um 15:18 Uhr" i will change to this -> "Heute 15:18" I change Phrase to {day} {time} But old phrase is displayed in the forum -> {day} um {time} Uhr
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    Xenforo 2 Timeformat change?

    Hope someone can tell me where I can change the time format? I know that at this time (Xen 1.0) this could be set via a core.php. With 2.0 I can not find such a core.php. My try now was to do it via the languages (phrases) -date_x_at_time_y -day_x_at_time_y To bring about my desired change...
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    [XFA] Custom Username Icons

    very thanks bro